Wine & personality: Is a match!


Sure you have a favorite wine, but have you ever wondered if that preference has to do with your personality? Pay attention, because there is a lot of you in that glass. 😉

Each of our wineries has a prominent personality: different wines based on diversity and nuances that make them unique, like we are! Does the choice of one wine or another depend only on the taste? It seems like it doesn’t…

Many studies explain a relationship between factors such as age, way of life, beliefs, habits or way of being and your favorite wine. We have collected the latest information from different articles and surveys about this topic, so let’s see if you recognize yourself in that personality associated with the wine you like the most. Keep reading!

White lovers

If this is your thing, some researchs suggest that those who prefer white wine are perfectionists, outgoing, curious, sarcastic and funny people. A recent onePoll study goes further and claims that these are nocturnal souls, cat lovers and punk music fans. A more detailed description is imposible, don’t you think?

For you, one of the Finca Montepedroso’ wines, our winery specialized in the elaboration of whites with the personality of the native grape variety par excellence in the D.O. Rueda, the verdejo. We propose Finca Montepedroso Verdejo, which pairs perfectly with white meats, fish, seafood and sushi. Yum!

Always red

Well, if you are more fan of red wine, statistics say you are an elegant and sophisticated person, calm and even introverted. Other sources identify the red wine drinker profile of red wine drinker as self-confident, adventurous, humble and organized, dog and jazz lovers. Do you see yourself in this description?

Here are two recommendations for the Tinto team:

Cantos de Valpiedra is a very aromatic, fresh and mineral red wine, which works wonders with white meats such as turkey, suckling lamb and pork. It also pairs very well with braised pularda, rice with rabbit, legumes and vegetable pots.

Finca Antigua Garnacha Crianza is a fresh red wine with floral aromas perfect with cured cheeses, white meats and legumes.

I’m team rosado, so what?

It seems that rosé lovers are the least popular team, but there are fantastic rosé wines! This variety is the favorite, they say, of the most dreamy, laughing, energetic, jovial, nonconformist and friendly people. Those who in a bar choose rosé are usually positive, natural and enjoyable people. Do you identify any?

Viña Bujanda Rosado works perfect with pasta, fish and seafood. Made with the Tempranillo variety, which is characterized by its fruity aromas, and even if you are not from the rosé team, we dare to say that you will love it! in the end, regardless how your personality is, you should enjoy the wine so… CHEERS! 😊

Wine, wine, wine


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