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The wine is also for cocktails

Although it may seem to us cocktails are only made with hard liquors, there are also wine cocktails. We show you an original way to enjoy wine, taste them and surprise your friends and guests.

The word cocktail comes from the English language, and literally means “cock tail” or “raised tail”, and was used to distinguish the thoroughbred from other horses. No one knows for sure why the alcoholic blend preparations are name that way, but this name has become popular.

The origin of cocktails seems to date back to the 19th century . The owner of a New Orleans pharmacy  had the habit to offer  to friends and clients ready-berverages in egg cups (called “coquetier” in French), in which he mixed a bitter base, cognac, sugar and spices. To this drinks and its way to be prepared them was called “coquetier”.

Cocktails are a mixture of alcoholic drinks, or other type of liquids and ice, generally shaken inside a metallic recipient, called “cocktail shaker” or in a blender. Although the majority of the cocktails are made based in liquors and high alcohol beverages, wine also can take part of original and tasty blends.

Blackberry Caipirinha and Cabernet

To prepare this cocktail we’ll choose Finca Antigua Cabernet Sauvignon, because with its spices and understory aromas will add a delicious touch to the mix. To prepare it, put blackberries, lime and sugar and mix it till you get a paste. Then add crushed ice, cranberry juice, lime juice and orange juice, cachaça and Finca Antigua Cabernet Sauvignon. Shake it, serve it in a glass and decorate with lime and orange slices.

Crimean cocktail with Verdejo

Our Finca Montepedroso 100% Verdejo can be an excellent option to elaborate this delicious cocktail. It’s a very refreshing blend and very easy to prepare. To do this, we put a measure and a half of Finca Montepedroso in a cocktail shaker together with a half measure of Cointreau. Shake about half minute and we serve it in a wide glass with ice and soda to your liking. To decorate the Crimean cocktail you can add a cherry or mint leaves.

Wine cocktail with strawberries

We choose Finca Antigua Viura and pour the wine to your liking in a cocktail shaker together with sparkling water and mix well. Remove the stems of the strawberries and cut it into slices. To present it, we serve it in a wineglass adding the strawberries slices, ice and an orange slice.

Bishop cocktail

For this cocktail we can choose a tempranillo red wine. Our Finca Antigua Tempranillo will be great. In a cocktail shaker mix the juice of half lemon and orange juice with a teaspoon of powdered sugar. Shake well for a minute and add ice, a half glass of wine and stir. We can serve it in a glass with orange and lemon slices.

Queen Charlotte

We can pick Cantos de Valpiedra to prepare this delicious cocktail. We’ll need a measure of grenadine juice, another of lime or lemon juice and some strawberries cut into pieces. We

pour the red wine (two measures) together with the grenadine in a glass with ice cubes. Fill with the citrus juice, add the cut strawberries, stir and serve.

Orange sorbet with muscatel

For this mixture we’ll choose our Infinitus Moscatel, a fresh and silky wine that combine very well in cocktails. We will need the juice half an orange, about 150 ml of tonic, two scoop of orange sorbet , and our wine, of course. To prepare the sorbet, pour  water and sugar into a saucepan that we will put on the fire until it is boiled, stirring continuously until it begins to thicken. At that point we remove it from the heat and let it temper. Then, mix the syrup with the orange juice and beat it well. We will put it in the freezer about four hours, removing it every hour so that it is not compact. In the shaker we add the tonic, the juice of half an orange, our Infinitus Moscatel and we stir it to mix well. To serve it, we pour the mixture in a glass, add two scoop of orange sorbet, and as decoration we can include some cherries. Delicious!

This Christmas enjoy our wines, you see that you can taste them either alone or in tasty mixtures that will surprise your guests.

From Familia Martínez Bujanda we wish you a Merry Christmas.

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