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Why are rose bushes planted in vineyards?

Have you noticed on your visit to a vineyard that there are roses at the end of each vine row? It may seem they are just a beautiful addition, but actually they alert the winemaker to the presence of diseases or pests that often attack the vines. As the wise old saying goes, ‘Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.’ Nature offers … [Read more...] about Why are rose bushes planted in vineyards?

Grape’s anatomy

Wine is made from grapes. Since we are so fond of wine, we will try and understand the nature and parts of these sweet little berries. The skin Some compounds of the skin are essential for the colour and aroma of wine. The skin of a grape contains anthocyanins, pigment compounds that give red wine its colour. It also has tannins, which add … [Read more...] about Grape’s anatomy

Veraison: when grapes change colour

The grapevines in a vineyard have a typical growth cycle, each stage showing its own, peculiar, characteristics. Today, we will describe what is known as ‘veraison’, a French word used to describe the colour change of wine grapes, as they transition each summer from green to purple or pale yellow. Actually, veraison marks the onset of ripening, … [Read more...] about Veraison: when grapes change colour

Our commitment: diversity

Italy is the country with the most diverse vineyards according to the International Organisation of  Vine and Wine (OIV). With 690,000 hectares, the Sangiovese grape is the most dominant, representing 8% of all vineyards, followed by the Montepulciano, Glera and Pinot Gris grapes (4%) and Merlot (3%).  77% of the remaining vineyards are split … [Read more...] about Our commitment: diversity