Restaurant of the Week: Stockholm Wine Bar

When a restaurant takes the name of a ‘wine bar’, we tend to find a special establishment with an extensive list of wines offering; the opportunity to savour a good bottle or a fine glass.

This is the case of the ‘Stockholm Wine Bar’, a beautiful, recently refurbished and central establishment, located in two historic buildings at number 16-18 Gustav Adolf Square: the Davidsonska house, designed by architect, Gustaf Lindgren, between 1894 and 1896, and the Baroque palace by Isak Gustaf Clason, built between 1912 and 1914.

Stockholm Wine Bar is a wine bar, which has set up a wine club with the help of importer, Arvid Nordquist, offering tastings that liven up evenings in the Swedish capital. Wine is the factor around which all of the Stockholm Wine Bar’s activity revolves, although it also offers lunches and dinners in three rooms and a small open-air dining area.

Wine and its responsible consumption is all the rage in Europe and worldwide and ‘Stockholm Wine Bar’ is now one of the “in-places” in Sweden, one of the world’s great wine consuming and connoisseur countries.  It is also where the wines from the Martínez Bujanda family can naturally be found, including Finca Valpiedra Reserva.

Although a little far away to take advantage of the recommendation if you are reading from Spain but, don’t forget to make a note of ‘Stockholm Wine Bar’ if you are planning a trip to Sweden and want to enjoy a glass of fine wine in a pleasant atmosphere in one of today’s trendy establishments.

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