The magic of veraison, pure color before the grape harvest

La magia del envero

Are you familiar with the term veraison? We are entering a time of the year in which this phenological stage of the vine takes an important role in the subsequent quality of the wines. Read on and you will discover all about veraison.

The veraison announces the maturation process of the grapes leading to the most desired time of the year, the grape harvest.

What does veraison mean?

This term has Latin origins and originated means a change in appearance. This gives us clues as the reason why the term veraison is applied today in the world of wine.

Indeed, grapes change their appearance, white grapes become yellowish in color, and red grapes begin to acquire reddish, bluish and blackish tones in some cases.

During the veraison period, the chlorophyll of the vine is diluted to give place for the accumulation of sugars, acids and phenolic compounds. This process is what makes the grapevine color the fields.

Maturation process

The grape stops growing and the alcoholic and phenological maturation begins, which are responsible for indicating the PH degree and giving the aroma to the wines that will reach our table after the winemaking process.

In addition to the visible change in the color of the grape, this process causes the phenological compounds, which were previously present in the pips and stems, to pass to the skin and pulp.

In red grapes it is the anthocyanins, whereas in white grapes it is the carotenoids, which are responsible for giving the smell, among others, so characteristic of each variety.

The last step takes place with the lignification of the shoots, which are harder and dehydrated tissues, with a robust appearance and a large amount of nutrients.

What influences the veraison process?

Climatic conditions such as temperature, solar incidence, grape variety or the type of geographical area where the vineyard is located, determine the ripening phase of the grapes, which normally takes place in two or three weeks, which causes the ripening processes within the same vineyard to be different and also contributes to the irregular color of the clusters.

After veraison comes the grape harvest, a period in which the grapes are in the ideal state for harvesting.

The veraison is an ideal time to visit our vineyards, a unique location to enjoy a day of wine tourism. We recommend our three Single Estates to enjoy the color that makes the veraison. Finca Valpiedra, Finca Montepedroso and Finca Antigua are the perfect plan, the best getaway to experience firsthand the magic of veraison.

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