The Value of Wine and “Mediterranean diet” may help to avoid Heart Attacks/Cardiovascular Accidents

In a study published by the prestigious “The New England Journal of Medicine”, belonging to the Massachusetts Medical Society, and elaborated by Spanish investigators of the Institute of Health Carlos III, it concludes that the Mediterranean diet can help avoid Heart Attacks/Cardiovascular Accidents. The study, which has received wide diffusion in the supplements of gastronomy of the American newspapers, includes together with a combination of food, the ingestion of virgin olive oil and the weekly consumption of seven glasses of wine to be served with your meals.


A total of 747 persons between 55 and 80 years, of which 57 % were women, took part in the study between October, 2003 and 2009. This group fulfilled a total of 4.8 years while the total of participants in the period grew to 7,400 persons.The participants were divided in three groups in accordance with the dietetic program that they were going to test. The first group was on a Mediterranean diet with the addition of virgin oil extra, the second group was on a Mediterranean diet with extra nuts and dried fruits while the third group had a diet low in fats.


The principal conclusions of the study are:The main effect of the Mediterranean diet in the prevention of Heart Attacks/Cardiovascular Accidents is, from the biological point of view, highly recommendable.The results of the investigation, partly explains, the low index of Heart Attacks/Cardiovascular Accidents in the Mediterranean area compared with Northern Europe and The United States. The risk of cardiovascular accidents in general and of brain-vascular accidents especially, diminished significantly in both groups submitted to the Mediterranean diet, as much as with Extra Virgin olive oil as with nuts and dried fruits.

This study, therefore, coincides with the epidemiological studies demonstrating an inverse association between Mediterranean diet with olive oil and cardiovascular accidents.


Recommended Mediterranean Diet:


Olive oil : 50-100g per day

Dried fruits and peanuts : 30g, 3 times per week

Fresh Fruit : 3 pieces per day

Salads : 2 times per day

Fish & and Seafood : 3 times per week

Vegetables : 3 per week

Slightly fried : 2 per week

White Meat : 2 per week

Wine with meal : 7 glasses per week


Carbonated Drinks

Commercial Pastry shop, sweets and pastry

Red Meat

Though no study is necessary to know that good wine is a healthy asset to a magnificent experience, it’s always good that investigators certify it.

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