What is organic wine?

At Familia Martínez Bujanda we take making wine seriously. Our purpose is to produce excellent wines. This is why we implement innovative practices in our estates while maintaining ancient traditions. To us, taking up production of organic wine was the logical step to take.

We have just launched Finca Antigua Red Organic, Finca Antigua’s first certified organic wine. This red wine represents our commitment to environmental sustainability, our sustained efforts to move towards organic, sustainable and eco-friendly grape-growing and wine-making. Finca Antigua Red Organic is a good example of what we are doing in this regard.

But what is organic wine? Even the most enthusiastic wine lovers might not know exactly what it is, so here we offer a full description.

Organic wine

Making organic wine entails commitment to the environment, so no pesticides, herbicides or mineral fertilisers are used. Basically, it avoids using any aggressive or invasive grape-growing methods. When making organic wine, grape growers resort to natural ways of fertilising the soil (manure, compost, crop residues) and preventing grapevine diseases.

In the winery, we use wild or selected industrial yeast, avoiding genetically modified strains, and add components to adjust acidity and a certain amount of sulphite.

Sometimes, organic, natural and biological are terms people use interchangeably to refer to wines made from grapes grown without chemicals. Organic wines are covered by EU regulations whose compliance is checked by control bodies or authorities before they are awarded certification.

Back to tradition

The truth is, organic and traditional viticulture are not radically different. Both do away with chemicals. In organic viticulture, however, the latest farming technologies and technical know-how are applied.

A healthy soil is the basis of organic farming. It must be rich in organic matter, with a capacity to hold and supply nutrients, resistant to compaction and protected against erosion.

The idea is that grapevines become naturally resistant to pests and diseases, and that nutrients are as natural as possible. This requires that the vineyard ecosystem has the right balance.

Why to make organic wine?

Demand of organic products is growing fast. Consumers choose them mainly because they are healthy and define a lifestyle that is synonymous with sustainability and respect for the environment.

In some countries, there is a growing trend for organic farming and wine-making. Spain is one of these countries, and Familia Martínez Bujanda is paving the way. Would you like to taste our Finca Antigua Red Organic wine? We are sure you will want to have a second glass!

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