Six websites that can help you learn everything you need to know about wine

The world of wine is always moving forward, adding innovations and announcing news. As a wine lover, you will want to keep abreast, of course. And for this you need reliable sites that offer insider tips and expert advice on wine and everything related to it.

There are, of course, numerous websites. Leaving personal preferences aside, we have chosen a few that can be valuable tools for keeping up with the latest trends in the wonderful world of wine. The websites on this list are the ones we usually read; however, they are for beginners rather than for connoisseurs, which means they are easy to read for anyone who just wants to broaden their knowledge of such a noble beverage as wine is.

Vinetur: One of the best online magazines in Spanish dedicated to fine wine, Vinetur publishes news, feature articles, announcements of upcoming events and tasting notes. It has a section on food and wine pairing and offers tips from excellent wine journalists. We strongly recommend Vinetur to gain an understanding of the subject and to stay informed.

Verema: A website entirely dedicated to wine, Verema has a carefully written news section and specialist forums where wine lovers share their experiences. In addition, readers can search for wines, wineries and wine shops in Spain and beyond. Verema has a curious section of virtual wine tastings, where forum users share their wine ratings. Also, it has blogs on a variety of subjects. In sum, a comprehensive site for learning and research. A section of El Mundo online newspaper, is regularly updated, offering a full picture of the wine industry. Each day, they publish information on a particular wine, so they have an endless set of fact sheets. Also, they write a weekly wine tasting review. It is a really useful website.

AkataVino Magazine: This is another online magazine, carefully designed and targeted at consumers who want to keep up with new trends in the wine market. Reading it can be as enjoyable and relaxing as drinking a glass of good wine.

Diario del Vino: If you are curious about what is going on in the global wine market, in this Mexican website you can get a glimpse at wines made in Mexico, South America and Spain, as well as in Asia, France or California. It is an interesting site, ideal to broaden your wine horizons.

Spanish Wine Lover: As Amaya Cervera, the wine journalist who runs the Spanish Wine Lover project puts it, ‘I hope that Spanish Wine Lover, thanks to its bilingual format, contributes to spread the word about Spanish wines, regions, landscapes and wineries.’ The website is divided into three main sections, with Spanish wines at the core of them all. They are: ‘Learn about Spanish wine’, ‘Find Spanish wines worldwide’, and ‘Enjoy wine on your next trip to Spain’. In them you will find useful information about different aspects of wines from Spain, facts about Spanish wine around the world, news about wine tastings and wine tours, a bodega database, and a lot of practical information.

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