It doesn’t matter if you already know a lot, if you don’t know that much or if you don’t know anything at all about the world of wine. As with any other hobby or interest you might have, you can always learn more about it!

We always say that wine is alive, it changes, evolves, and updates itself, and we can use this to learn about its rhythms. Because of this, we want to recommend you a series of books for you to enjoy wine as much as we do.

Do you like wine, but never know what to say about it? In “Knowing About Wine in 3 Hours (“Saber de vino en 3 horas”), Federico Oldenburg will teach you basic wine knowledge, allowing you to enjoy the wines you like even more, as well as to be able to try and appreciate other new ones. It is a basic, quick, and fun book for anyone who is wanting to start to learn about this field.

If you want to deepen your learning a bit more, you should read “The Wine Bible”, by Karen McNeil. In this book, its first pages will teach you how to appreciate good wines, but it will also explain the answers to all the questions that any wine lover should know. Moreover, depending on where you are or where you’re going, this book will show you any wines that are worth looking for and tasting in that area, as well as the best winemaking zones nearby. In Spain, the author mentions 13, amongst which we can find three where Familia Martinez Bujanda has placed one of their cellars: Finca Valpiedra and Viña Bujanda at Rioja, Finca Montepedroso at Rueda, and Finca Antigua at La Mancha.

If you would like to know more about the winemaking processes, it is very enjoyable to learn with the oenologist María Isabel Mijares and her book “Wine, From Vine to Vine” (“El vino, de la cepa a la cepa). This is a slightly more technical book, but it is still easy to read and with it you will be able to discover the entire process of winemaking.

For the more expert wine lovers, we always recommend “The New Vinedressers” (“Los nuevos viñadores”), by Luis Gutierrez. In it, you will be able to discover the new generation of winemakers, who have dived into viticulture and are trying different ways of harvesting, taking good care of the soils and native grape strains, and are using ancestral farming methods – like the different moon phases. It is a very curious and entertaining book which offers a new point of view for anyone wanting to transcend a bit further.

We should never forget about Alberto Gil’s book – “Silent Wines” (“Vinos silenciosos”) – who won the IWC award for the Best Wine Book in Spain and which shows out cellar Finca Valpiedra as one of its main characters.

We want to finish by recommending you our homeland lot, which contains two Finca Montepedroso bottles, two Finca Valpiedra ones and two bottles of Finca Antigua Reserva too. Which one will you start your next wine tasting with? Let us know what you thought of them!


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  1. Gracias.
    Soy de esos aficionados al vino que los disfruta, sabe qué le gusta pero nunca ha puesto los conocimientos en orden. Voy a comenzar por The Wine Bible porque de los elementales es el que está disponible en versión electrónica.

    1. Genial Maru, el vino es para eso, para disfrutarlo. Espero que aprendas mucho, y poco a poco te siga enganchando y te haga leer más sobre todo este mundo.
      Te animamos también a que vengas a conocer nuestras fincas donde te contamos más sobre nuestra filosofía, nuestros vinos y como catarlos… seguro que te gustara. Gracias por tu comentario.

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