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FA Viura sobre Lías 2019 Alta

Very Special White Wines to Enjoy During the Summer

With the arrival of the summer heat, what everyone is craving the most is drinking ‘something fresh’ which can also quench your thirst. During summer, appetizer time, as well as the time after lunch, usually mark a before and an after in anyone’s summer days. Leaving water and soft drinks aside, the best suggestion to be made is to enjoy a good chilled white wine in order to come to terms with everything and satisfy your thirst.

Although we must always be very respectful of different personal tastes, the world of beach bars might be reflected in the consumption of ordinary white wines, which have a lot of success amongst consumers, especially in those from the coast. However, we must highlight that there are fantastic white wines being produced in Spain, thus, we will focus on these wines.

The Martinez Bujanda Family is loyal to their philosophy on elaborating excellent wines based on proper vineyards, located at privileged enclaves. As such, this 2020 they present the new vintages for two of their great and original white wines: Finca Antigua Viura over Lees 2019 and Finca Montepedroso Verdejo over Lees 2019. These wines proceed from two completely different designations of origin: La Mancha and Rueda. The former one is elaborated from the viura grape variety, whereas the latter wine is produced using verdejo grapes, which is the star strain at Rueda. In both cases, the role of the lees is determinant in the winemaking processes of the wine, as well as in is subsequent ageing capacity.

Finca Antigua Viura over Lees 2019

Finca Antigua is probably one of the most creative wine cellars in this moment. Here, their winemakers elaborate innovating, surprising and state-of-the-art wines. These wines express the personality of the peculiar homeland where they are located, which situated 900 metres above sea level and is very different to its surrounding areas.

Finca Antigua Viura 2019 is an aromatic, fruity and fresh white wine. It has a lemon-yellow colour with green highlights, as well as a silky and velvety texture. This wine is characterized by its volume and complex structure, as well as for having a balanced acidity providing freshness and nerve to the wine. As such, this white wine becomes perfect to enjoy together with seafood rice, such as rice in broth or ‘A Banda’ rice. Alternatively, this wine also combines perfectly with grated pasta and white meat.

Finca Montepedroso over Lees 2019

This monovarietal verdejo wine is one of the two white wines elaborated by Finca Montepedroso at the Rueda Designation of Origin. This cellar counts with 25 hectares of vineyards situated at 750 metres over seal lever, and the plantation age of the vines ranges from seven to 31 years.

Finca Montepedroso 2019 is a clean, bright, aromatic, fruity, balanced and intense white wine. Its texture is velvety and silky, and the wine possesses great volume with a complex structure. Similarly to the former white, this wine is the perfect companion to pair with fresh seafood and fish. In addition, it also becomes essential when having seafood rice, and it does not disappoint at all when it is partnered with cheese, pasta and white meat.

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