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Another wine cliché: A bottle of white wine for Mothers’ Day?

A special day is approaching; Mothers’ Day is on May 1st, and, as with Fathers’ Day the 19 of March, wine is seen as a good option for a present for Mom or Dad. There are clichés and archetypes that are often misleading and one of them is to think that women prefer light, refreshing white or rosé wines, but nothing could be further from the truth.

In this respect, even the wineries themselves have historically got it wrong with regard to this kind of perception, as proven by various studies. One of them was presented a few years ago at the Vin-Expo fair in Bordeaux with the conclusion that the majority of women prefer red wine to white or rosé.

The study was based on a considerable sample of 10,500 French, British, German, American and Hong Kong women, and the result was unambiguous: 51.1% prefer red wine, while 26.4% favor white and 16% choose rosé. Furthermore, and worth special mention, in the case of women over the age of 46 years (and we are thinking about mothers) the preference for red is overwhelming at (58%).

The data also coincides with an interesting study presented three years ago by the Spanish Wine Market Observatory (OeMV) concerning ‘Wine and Women‘. The report once again makes it clear that a women’s preference is for red wine which, is more pronounced with age and also, the importance of women for consumption in general; they are more daring and more open to innovation. Furthermore, they are responsible for buying wine in more and more households.

The aforementioned study by the OeMV grouped Spanish women according to six different profiles:

1        Inquisitive: they represent 24%, they are between 40 and 50 years of age, red and white wine are their favourite drinks. They like to drink it with meals, as an aperitif and with their friends, and their consumption level is high.

2        Traditional: they represent 22% and are older (between 55 and 65 years of age). They prefer red wine, well-known labels, and when it comes to drinking wine, they do so frequently at home.

3        Lightweight: they represent 17% (between 30 and 40 years of age). They prefer rosés and white wines which have a fresh and modern image and drink wine with meals. Their consumption level is low.

4        Enthusiast: they represent 15%. Women of all ages fall into this group and they drink wine at any time and look for good value for money and a modern image. Their consumption level is high.

5        Young: they represent 11% and are between 18 and 25 years old. Their consumption level is low since they prefer beer.

6        Indifferent: they represent 11%. For them, wine is a drink like any other, although if they drink it they prefer red wines which are on offer. Their consumption level is medium.

In which group would you place your mother or your partner?

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