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The force of nature follows its own path. Although many of us have to stay at home these days to protect ourselves from this pandemic, vineyards keep going forwards, preparing themselves to start their vegetative cycle and give us their very best. Although the whole country is paralysed, the climate, soils and sun, keep working for us.


They do so without any rush, control or rigidness, for these forces do not respond to man and its commercial decisions or market demands. Wine is a natural product and cannot be hurried, and that is one of its best virtues.


In one week, we will be officially starting the Spring season, the flowering time. The weather will start to improve, bringing ardent heat to some estates and regions soon, and more calmly in other parts of Spain. It is all about achieving an average temperature slightly higher which will make the plant recover some life, allowing sap to flow around the grapevine again and awake it from its hibernation. From there on, we will start seeing the flowering, the grape, the veraison and a great harvest followed by the best wines.


We are all confined but the vineyard is staying on schedule in order to finish offering us the marvellous experience of drinking a landscape. Moreover, because of this, drinking wine in these moments is a claim for liberty, a claim to enjoy sunsets in the countryside and the wonderful landscapes at our vineyards. Soon we will all be toasting with great wines, because the native land follows its own rhythms.

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