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The Martínez Bujanda Family Shares Their Interest in Wine Culture

As it is widely known, enotourism refers to tourism whose purpose is related to the world of wine. Rural tourism, its culture, its gastronomy and wine come together in a proposal looking to transmit a region or county’s essence through is linkage ro wine.

In Martínez Bujanda Family’s case, their three estates are very different from each other, but they all have a common denominator: the elaboration of wines using their own vineyards, located at privileged enclaves. Plus, all three count with distinct enotouristic options available to suit every taste.


Finca Valpiedra, travelling to La Rioja’s heart

Finca Valpiedra is located at La Rioja Alta, situated at a spectacular meander of the Ebro river. It is found between the villages Fuenmayor and Cenicero, which imprint the landscape with a unique character.

The estate embodies 80 hectares distributed in three terraces that descend down to the bank of the Ebro river. Additionally, after years of work, the technical team has divided this terrain in 14 different plots, which varying altitudes from 406 to 427 metres.

Furthermore, Finca Valpiedra is one of the only two wine cellars in the Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin (D.O.Ca) which form part of the Grandes Pagos de España (Great Wine Estates of Spain) association. Plus, the estate is also a member of the ‘Ruta del Vino Rioja Alta’ (‘Rioja Alta Wine Route’)

This cellar has put its stakes on promoting the culture of the state, of their native land, advocating for the elaboration of wines with grapes proceeding from their proper vineyard, giving rise to wines with a very distinctive personality. Visiting the estate will be a most enjoyable experience with its delightful views from their viewpoint, its walks around the vineyard, its paired wine tastings and even having a picnic by the riverbank.

Finca Valpiedra has been awarded twice the prizes of ‘Best of Wine Tourism(Great Wine Capitals Global Network) and has been distinguishes with a Special Mention as Best Vinitourstic Spot at the IV ACEVIN (IV Spanish Association of Wine Cities Enotourism Awards)

Fina Antigua, a praise for biodiversity

Fina Antigua is found in the municipality of Los Hinojosos, in Cuenca, barely an hour and a half drive away from Madrid. The cellar is located fully on the ‘Don Quixote Route’, and thus is surrounded by windmills and farmlands. Plus, is it also part of the La Mancha Wine Route.

At this estate, visitors will be able to enjoy a unique and original enotouristic experience, where wine culture is mixed with the history of a county marked by the character Don Quixote. Visitors will also discover the delicious gastronomy from the region, which is harmonised with the surprising and innovative wines elaborated there.

The cellar visibly demonstrates the respect for the environment, and as such, Finca Valpiedra constitutes a magnificent example of adapting to the landscape. They have done this with a functional and efficient building which is integrates perfectly in the picturesque natural milieu. Visitors will be able to gloat in the diversity in the vineyards, exploring them by food or driving in four-wheel drive and, of course, tasting wines at the Manchegan mansion.


Finca Montepedroso, whites with height

The Valladolid town Rueda, which is the capital of the namesake Designation of Origin, lives off and for winegrowing, winemaking and enotourism. It counts with and important historical-artistic collection and a wide range of hospitality services, presenting numerous options to any visitors.

Finca Montepedroso is part of the Rueda Wine Route and offers enotouristic experiences for all tastes and interests. Visits always have wine as the common theme, and their guests can discover by first-hand the cellar’s facilities, try the different original harmonies or take part in the vertical tastings of their wines.

Finca Montepedroso is a multifunctional space which also fosters many different artistic exhibits, concerts and other activities.


From the Martinez Bujanda Family we want to encourage you to visit our cellars, where you will be able to explore what hides behind their spectacular landscaped and enjoy a unique, attractive and outright experience. All of this always done through the wines elaborated at these cellars with the uppermost care, professionalism and love, putting in its process the weight of our 130-year-old winemaking tradition.

You will enjoy any visit to our three Estates with all security and recommendations to remain Covid-19 free.

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