The best Apps for Wine Lovers

The world of wine seems distant and enigmatic. However, thanks to digitalization, and in particular to apps, the consumer can get more and more and better information.

Therefore, in this post, we are going to share with you the best free applications to bring you closer to the exciting world of wine.

If you are a true wine lover, you can’t miss it, so keep reading.


Undoubtedly one of the most popular platforms in the sector, it has more than ten million users. If you use it, the choice of the best wine is assured. It stands out for having the largest database on labels, which is also highly accurate in terms of vintages. How does it work? It is very easy. The user scans the label of a wine and through the application accesses the database of the wine in question. The information that appears in the wine’s file is very extensive and includes average price, comments from other users, winery data and rating, grape variety and vintage comparison. “Buy the right wine” says its slogan. Undoubtedly, a reality, since it is a perfect application whether you want to buy a wine to enjoy at home, or if you are in a restaurant and have doubts about the wines on the menu. What users highlight about this app is its speed and simplicity when using it. It works as a social network, and also has a wine purchase service with direct delivery to wherever you say. 

It is available for both Android and iOS. It is the most downloaded mobile wine app in the world, are you going to miss it? In the following links you can download it in just one click:

My Vinoteca

Have you ever imagined having your own wine cellar on your cell phone? With this application it is possible. You can create your own virtual wine cellar while you write down the main characteristics of the wines and personal tasting notes. And, in turn, you can search more than 11 thousand wine cards and add them to your collection. Register, search and share all your wines. Undoubtedly, a perfect choice for both a wine lover and a winery. And, in addition, you can export your wine library in a file to share it with friends or have it saved in other sites such as Google Drive, Facebook or email. So if what you are looking for is not to learn about wines but to have a virtual wine library in which to have all your favorite wines located, this is the perfect application.

It is available for Android. In the following link you can download it in just one click:

Wineries in Spain

And if you are interested in knowing the best wineries in Spain, we suggest this app. More than 350 wineries, with more than 2,000 different wines. Wines that you can taste directly in the winery of your choice through a map that allows you to have all the wineries located. And in turn, in the application you can check schedules, wine prices, news, events and offers in the wine sector. 

It is available for Android. In the following link you can download it in just one click:

Wine Searcher

This application allows you to compare the prices of wines from different online stores, as well as see the tasting notes and other indications that influence the time of purchase. It also includes comments, ratings from critics and users; information provided by the producer, awards, the different vintages and their prices. Of course, a very useful application if you like to buy online. It is a very intuitive app and very interesting if you are getting into the world of wine.

It is available for both Android and iOS. In the following links you can download it in just one click:


Wine apps are not lagging behind in technological progress, they facilitate access to information and make our lives more entertaining. So without pretending to become a sommelier, with all the apps we have shared with you, you can learn a lot about wine and advance a little more in this field. 





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