How to choose the right wines for your table at Christmas

Last month, we devoted an entry in this space to Familia Martínez Bujanda wines as a gift option at Christmas.  An extraordinarily versatile offering catering for different profiles…and pockets, including our magnificent Infinitus; the best red wines in terms of value for money according to the 2017 Peñín Guide.

A few weeks ago, Mikel López Iturriaga, the blogger, El Comidista, explained in a fantastic video what we should not do with wine at this time of year, so we are not going to talk about serving temperatures, about where best to store bottles, about decanting, or about the myth of the spoon, types of glass, etc., simply because we recommend that you watch the video. However, we are going to suggest some basic alternatives to ensure that the wines we choose go better with our meals and, above all, to try and help us to enjoy a relaxed conversation with our loved ones. Firstly, we remind you of the main rule of wine pairing, although, as you well know, there are exceptions to everything in life. Acid (white wines) calls for acid, whilst tannins (Reservas and structured wines) require fat, and sweet wines also ask for sweet foods.

  1. Appetisers and starters: When thinking about vegetables, seafood and fish, the white wine Finca Montepedroso is a sure bet, as well as being a good option for smoked fish and even for white meat, due to its volume in the mouth.
  1. Meat, oily fish and semi-cured cheese: The range of options is wider and with these kinds of dishes we move into the ‘universe’ of red wines. Practically all options from Finca Antigua are valid, including the Crianza Único, the Reserva and, of course, the entire range of single varietal Crianzas, Garnacha, Tempranillo and Merlot being the most delicate and Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petit Verdot being for heartier meats and roast dinners, as well as cured cheeses, due to their structure. Naturally, we have the option of our wines from Riojas, with the elegance and sensitivity of our Cantos de Valpiedra and the more traditional range of Viña Bujanda for meats which are not excessively fatty, intense fish dishes and pulses.
  1. Heartier dishes: if we are thinking about roast lamb, suckling pig, game dishes and any kind of red meat, although several wines from the previous section would also work wonderfully, we suggest moving up a notch in terms of structure and serving our Rioja, Finca Valpiedra Reserva or Clavis, our vineyard designated wine from Finca Antigua. All kinds of cheese also find great allies in our more complex wines which, furthermore, are also perfectly suited to extended mealtime conversations, even after coffee.
  1. Fruit and desserts: although wine pairing with desserts is a world in itself (for example, structured red wines which have had a lengthy ageing are sensational with chocolate), Finca Antigua, Moscatel Naturalmente Dulce is a hit with all kinds of fruits and desserts. This wine almost tastes like eating fresh grapes. In other words, it is a dessert in itself, but it is a sensational option for ending the celebration, not forgetting that it is also great at the start of a meal with appetisers such as foie gras, dried fruit and even with cured cheeses.

At Familia Martínez Bujanda we take this opportunity to wish all of our customers and friends a Merry Christmas and propose a toast for a 2017 that is even better than this year; which is soon coming to a close. Cheers!



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