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Know about wine

The terroir, or the influence of a unique environment on a wine’s traits

As a wine enthusiast, you must have heard the word ‘terroir’ many times, since it is one of the most widely used – though not always understood – wine-related words. What does the term ‘terroir’ mean exactly? The French word ‘terroir’ refers to the set of factors affecting the crops, such as the type of soil and terrain, the climate, the … [Read more...] about The terroir, or the influence of a unique environment on a wine’s traits

Why do wines tend to be stored in dark bottles?

In the world of wine there is an established practice that consists in keeping wine in dark bottles. You must probably have noticed that wines come in dark green or amber bottles. Have you ever wondered why? Where does this tradition come from? Actually, there is more than one reason. Apparently, in the past, making clear glass was almost … [Read more...] about Why do wines tend to be stored in dark bottles?

Grape’s anatomy

Wine is made from grapes. Since we are so fond of wine, we will try and understand the nature and parts of these sweet little berries. The skin Some compounds of the skin are essential for the colour and aroma of wine. The skin of a grape contains anthocyanins, pigment compounds that give red wine its colour. It also has tannins, which add … [Read more...] about Grape’s anatomy

Veraison: when grapes change colour

The grapevines in a vineyard have a typical growth cycle, each stage showing its own, peculiar, characteristics. Today, we will describe what is known as ‘veraison’, a French word used to describe the colour change of wine grapes, as they transition each summer from green to purple or pale yellow. Actually, veraison marks the onset of ripening, … [Read more...] about Veraison: when grapes change colour

Wine openers

Most wine consumers know just a couple of wine openers. However, there are many different types, some of them used only by sommeliers. There are as many types of wine openers in terms of materials and shapes as are ways of opening a bottle of wine. Below, you will find detailed descriptions of the types of wine openers available in the … [Read more...] about Wine openers

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