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The history of wine bottle size

Even when you will find as many as 14 different sizes or formats of wine bottles, the standard bottle size is 75cl, or three quarters of a litre. The reason for this peculiar size is not clear, since there are different theories to account for it. In any case, in the 1970s, a number of countries agreed to adopt 75cl as the standard bottle in order … [Read more...] about The history of wine bottle size

Wine: Taste and aftertaste

Take your first sips of a wine and your palate will experience a cascade of taste sensations. However, there are other senses involved too, and the tasting process unfolds in a number of steps that make up the global flavour of wine. The mouth is a multisensory organ that contains the tongue, with its taste buds. The smells pass through to the … [Read more...] about Wine: Taste and aftertaste

Why are rose bushes planted in vineyards?

Have you noticed on your visit to a vineyard that there are roses at the end of each vine row? It may seem they are just a beautiful addition, but actually they alert the winemaker to the presence of diseases or pests that often attack the vines. As the wise old saying goes, ‘Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.’ Nature offers … [Read more...] about Why are rose bushes planted in vineyards?

Wine tourism, the best holiday plan for this Easter week

This year, Holy Week is in April, so the weather is likely to be nice and warm. Think about a few days off in contact with nature, learning about the world of wine. It sounds great, doesn’t it? Whether you are already a wine connoisseur or just want to become one, wine tourism offers you the chance to engage in a number of wine-related activities … [Read more...] about Wine tourism, the best holiday plan for this Easter week

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