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The Mediterranean Diet: key to nutritional policies

It is possible to find tens, even hundreds of definitions of the Mediterranean diet on the internet. We like to relate this concept, rather than to a nutritional plan, to a lifestyle that includes both a pattern for consuming a group of foods and a set of habits forged over thousands of years as a cultural and generational inheritance. The … [Read more...] about The Mediterranean Diet: key to nutritional policies

Wine consumption in Spain is beginning to increase

The low wine consumption in Spain, particularly since our country has the largest vineyard surface-area in the world and is the third-ranked nation in terms of wine production after France and Italy, has been the subject of considerable and even 'learned' analysis in order to try to explain the indifference of younger generations towards a product … [Read more...] about Wine consumption in Spain is beginning to increase

The Perfect Storm (frost)

Despair, anger, tears, helplessness... The countryside, the Spanish vineyard, is suffering the consequences of the heavy frosts of last week. The start of the 2017 growth cycle presented many risks as we saw in the previous post of this very space. Early ripening and the drought that has accumulated throughout the region since last spring were … [Read more...] about The Perfect Storm (frost)

A critical time: the risk of frost

Budding and bud bursting is taking place on the vines and we are entering one of the most dangerous periods for vine cultivation: that of spring frosts. These are usually early frosts which affect the buds once activity has started and which can even ruin the future harvest. A well-known example was the frost at the end of April 1999 in the Rioja … [Read more...] about A critical time: the risk of frost

Graciano, an amazing grape variety

The Graciano grape is a variety local to the Rioja and Navarre regions not widely grown in other Spanish wine regions. Its historical presence in the Rioja region translates into a ‘supporting role’ complementing the Tempranillo variety in making wines which age well, since in addition to structure and color, it offers a characteristic acidity … [Read more...] about Graciano, an amazing grape variety

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